About Us

Why We’re Fair and Friendly

We have been Oshkosh’s Heating & Air Conditioning Company since 2001.

When you trust Oshkosh Heating & Air with your home or business HVAC system, you’ll never encounter a bunch of grouchy contractors. We are who we say we are: fair and friendly! Our company was founded with two decades of HVAC experience, and we’re the best at what we do.  We go to work every day with a little humor and warm hearts. Our goal is to make your home comfortable while leaving a friendly atmosphere. We provide you and your family the security knowing you made a sound choice with Oshkosh Heating & Air, an investment you can rely on.

Owner Grant Schultz grew up in Oshkosh and had his first job at age 12 on a local farm. During high school he worked at a metal fabrication shop and
after graduating high school he joined the ranks as a paratrooper and generator mechanic in the 82nd Airborne. After his honorable service, he started the next decade working as an apprentice to a tinsmith where he learned quality. Hand-built sheet metal fabrication techniques are hard to find in today’s pre-fabricated world. From this small shop, Grant graduated and worked for a large HVAC company. There he spent years learning every aspect about the trade when he was solicited to earn his sheet metal journeyman’s credentials for an even larger commercial and industrial developer. Grant then naturally became a job foreman.

In 2001, with the blessings of his growing family and armed with
extensive knowledge of his craft, he opened Grant Schultz Heating & Air Conditioning. As Oshkosh’s "Residential Replacement Specialists" he had a great thing going. Grant has earned the EPA’s refrigerant licensure, Master Mechanical Contractor’s licensure, LG’s Excellence Preferred Contractor, Energy Star’s Version 3 qualifications and is becoming a leader in affordable energy conscientious options. Fast forward 15 successful years later, his kids are in college and the acquisition of a new building is underway. Grant quickly realized the opportunity to display the image that he has built for himself, utilizing a fresh look and name to reflect who he’s become: the fair and friendly Oshkosh Heating & Air.

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sun Green energy

Oshkosh Heating & Air, LLC puts green energy in your home while keeping “green” in your pocket.

  • We work with local energy consultants to lead Wisconsin in energy conscious building practices that deliver real, recordable savings.
  • We recycle old equipment and thermostats.
  • We are licensed to recapture the Freon “old” R22.
  • We work with Energy Star’s philosophy and carry a 2014 Energy Star V3 license.
  • We offer high-efficiency options for your home’s heating and cooling  systems.